Specialist i udstationering og hjemkomst efter udstationering

Hvorfor være i terapi?

Når livet føles svært, og man føler sig overvældet af de udfordringer, man står overfor, kan støtte fra en omsorgsfuld terapeut, der er villig til at udforske de smertefulde sider af livet med én, være en stor hjælp i ens bestræbelser på at leve et mere autentisk og tilfredsstillende liv.

At beslutte sig for et liv i udlandet er lige så spændende som skræmmende. Tiden op til afrejse er pakket med forberedelser, pakning og mange 

Mens livet som udstationeret kan byde på en serie af udfordringer, er det ofte heller ikke problemfrit at forberede sig på sin hjemrejse endsige at være hjemme igen. På godt og ondt er man ikke længere den person, man var ved udrejsen. Man er blevet mange erfaringer rigere, mange føler sig splittede mellem deres lande, det kan være svært at bruge sine udlandserfaringer på det danske arbejdsmarked, og ofte har ens familie og venner i hjemlandet svært ved at forholde sig til ens oplevelser, ens tankemønstre og handlemåder. Der er således mange muligheder for både skuffelse og frustration.

Why have therapy, counselling or coaching?

From time to time, many people feel overwhelmed by life and its challenges. At such times, talking to a therapist and benefiting from their ongoing support and willingness to stay with you during difficult times allow you to explore what might be keeping you from leading a more authentic and satisfactory life.

Deciding to try out life in a foreign country is as exhilarating as daunting. The pre-departure phase is packed with planning, preparation and packing alongside lots of farewells to loved ones. During this phase, many expats experience a mixture of excitement, enthusiasm and trepidation.

The red-carpet welcome which typically occurs during the first month of expat life produces enthusiasm and looking at one’s new environment through rose-tinted glasses. However, once the honeymoon phase wears off, feelings of identity loss, bewilderment, restlessness and disenchantment often feed skepticism and frustration making it difficult to maintain hope that expatriation was the right adventure to have embarked on.


For many, the adjustment phase takes up to 2 years; and for trailing spouses, this can be an extra challenging time which may result in isolation, feelings of loneliness, being stuck and depressed. Sadly, many expatriation contracts end prematurely due to trailing spouse unhappiness; and even more sadly, many expat marriages break down because expat life puts extra strain on even the best of relationships.


Regardless of where you are in your expat journey, life in another country comes with a whole extra layer of challenges than life in one's home country. Expats and immigrants are faced with the same challenges in relation to work, marriage, relationships, children, illness, bereavement and divorce as everyone else. However, navigating in a different culture, in a different language and not knowing where to turn for help can be extremely taxing whilst being far away from home and one’s support network.

How do I work?

Being an experienced therapist, I aim to create a warm, compassionate and confidential relationship with my clients in which we can explore your issues and struggles in life. My qualification and experience allow me to design a holistic, bespoke therapy in which I can draw on various schools of psychology to best meet your needs.

Not only do I offer bespoke psychotherapy and counselling to individuals; with my extensive experience of expat life combined with my teaching skills and therapeutic counselling and coaching skills, I offer a line of services to help expats gain greater self-awareness to make the most of their life whilst living the expat dream. I have created a personal development course for trailing spouses as well as individual courses for expat couples.

Personal therapy and counselling

I believe that the X-factor, for lack of a better term, in therapy is the relationship between my clients and myself; and I always aim at creating a solid working alliance. My qualification allows me to combine the theoretical lenses of various schools of psychology enabling me to offer a holistic, bespoke approach to your concerns.

In my experience, many of our struggles can be traced back to how we learnt to interact relationally in our childhood. When appropriate, I will use our relationship to draw attention to relationship patterns that may have been valuable earlier in your life, but no longer serve you any purpose and as such might be keeping you from leading the life you wish to lead.


I have vast experience of working with English speaking clients, both from the English NHS and from private practice with a wide range of issues, including

Divorce, including divorcing abroad

Parents stuck abroad

Life abroad, relocation and repatriation

Difficult relationships




Serious illness


Childhood abuse and neglect



Suicidal thoughtsLow self-esteem


On an ad hoc basis, I volunteer for Center for Seksuelt Misbrugte, Odense, an organisation supporting survivors of sexual abuse; as well as GlobalARRK, a UK based charity supporting stuck parents throughout the world.


​​In England, I practised under the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, BACP. I aim to adhere to their ethical framework, including ongoing clinical supervision and professional development as well as the ethical framework of Dansk Psykoterapeutforening.

If you have questions or would like to book a place on the next course, please don’t hesitate to contact me here for an initial chat on the phone.


Many couples struggle with communication, have different perceptions of (expat) life and their dreams, and some are even faced with infidility whilst abroad. Others have lost their spark or may experience issues with their children. 

Whatever your issues, you can enhance your relationship whilst facing the challenges of expat life. By helping you to listen to each other, bespoke counselling can help you better understand each other's perspective and address your specific issues and concerns.

If you have questions or would like to book a course, please don’t hesitate to contact me here for an initial chat on the phone.

Expat Trailing Spouses

Create a dream life for yourself whilst abroad – a personal development course for expat trailing spouses.

8 sessions of 4 hours running bi-weekly over the course of 16 weeks where you will connect with other trailing spouses, gain a stronger sense of how expat life has affected your identity and how you would like to move forward with it.

Each session will have a theme and be structured around exercises as well as work in pairs and the whole group to build greater self-awareness and sense of agency in your life. Examples of themes could be identity, relationships, money and transition from old to new life; all in connection with living in a foreign country.

There will also be time to explore and discuss any underlying, common denominators which may be present in the group. The aim of the course is for you to build a greater sense of agenda in your life and to create a version for your time as an expat.

The next courses are yet to be scheduled.

If you have questions or would like to book a place on the next course, please don’t hesitate to contact me here for an initial chat on the phone.


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